PCS III - Comb type vertical lifting tower parking system (35 floors)


Updated :2018/06/15
  • Working principle

    The shape of this parking system is rectangle. Single tower is 3 rows design. The structure is divided into lifting channel and parking area. The come type lifter and lifting system is set in the lifting channel. The parking area is on the left and right side of the lifting channel. The entrance is set on the ground floor of the lifting channel. Turn table can also be set at the entrance. When saving or retrieving the cars, the lifter will get the car from the parking spaces through comb exchanging and lift the car to the aim floor. The sliding comb frame will move the car from the parking spaces to the lifting channel. The turntable will turn the cars around for the convenience of driving out.


    1) Scope of application: Outdoor high level/ super high level parking system and indoor concrete type well type parking system.

    2) Drive mode: Traction wire rope drive mode and frequency control. It is low noise, high working and safety.

    3) Car exchanging: Comb type car exchanging technique. Able to park and retrieve cars constantly and no need to send back the empty loading plates to make sure high working efficiency.

    4) Layouts: ground layout and half ground half under underground layout.

    5) Entrance observation mirror, voice prompts, LED display are equipped.

    6) Able to be equipped with electric car charging devices.




    Drive modeTraction & wire rope,Frequency control
    Car size(L×W×H)≤5.3m×1.9m×1.55m
    Car weight≤2350kg
    Motor power & speedLift22 / 30 kw 70-120m/min
    Slide0.2kw 9. 5m/min
    Turn2.2kw 3. 0rpm
    Door size2.5m×2.2m
    Operation modeIC card/ key board/ manual
    Access modeForward in, forward out
    Power supply3 phase 5 wires 380V 50Hz
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