PSH III - Vertical-horizontal parking system (2-3 floors)


Updated :2018/06/22
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  • Working principle

    The equipment is designed with multi-row. An exchange space is set in the ground floor. Cars in the ground floor can be parked and released directly. Spaces on the ground floor can move horizontally to form the lifting channel for the second floor. The spaces on the second floor must move to the ground floor before parking and releasing cars. When users need to park or release cars on the second floor, all spaces on the ground floor, from the space under it to the exchange space, move toward the exchange space to form a lifting channel under the aim space. Then the aim space can move down to the ground floor for cars parking and releasing.


    1) 2 floors vertical-horizontal parking system can be divided into 5 types: hydraulic one cylinder one plate, motor roller gear box, motor chain gear box, hydraulic back cantilever, and hydraulic one cylinder multi-plate.

    2) 3 floors vertical-horizontal parking system can be divided into 3 types of drive mode: motor roller gear box, motor chain gear box and hydraulic.

    3)Technical advantages: high speed, overload protection,automatic control system with fault diagnosis,can go down by car dead weight,energy conservation.



    Drive modehydraulicmotor
    Lifting mode1 cylinder 1 plate/ 1 cylinder multi-plate/ back cantileverRoller wire rope / sprocket chain
    Car size(L×W×H)sedan≤5m×1.85m×1.55m
    Car weight≤2000kg
    Motor power & speedLift4kw/5.5 kw 8-12m/min2.2kw 5.4m/min
    Slide0.2kw 7.5 m/min
    Operation modeIC card/ key board/ manual
    Access modeBoth forward & backward
    Power supply3 phase 5 wires 380V 50Hz