Easy car parking lift from Dayang parking
Updated :2023/04/01
Class :News


I -3+1 pit lifting parking system


working principle

The upper, middle and lower four or three parking spaces rise and fall as a whole. At ordinary times, the two or three parking spaces in the middle and lower layers are in the pit. The upper parking space is equal to the ground and can directly store vehicles. After rising, vehicles in the middle and lower parking spaces can be accessed.


Equipment characteristics

⊙ save ground and make full use of underground space;

⊙ multiple groups can be arranged in parallel to improve the number of parking;

⊙ the middle and lower parking spaces have the functions of dust-proof, rain proof and anti-theft;

⊙ the equipment is simple, reliable and easy to operate;

⊙ flowers and plants can also be planted on the top floor to improve the greening area;

⊙ full packaging, semi packaging, top simple packaging and non packaging can be designed;

⊙ it will not affect the daylighting of the building.


II Easy car parking lift

working principle

Chedebao is divided into Lingbo type I and Lingbo type II; Ningpo type I, Ningpo type II, etc.

The upper and lower parking spaces of the parking equipment are a unit, and the lower parking spaces can directly access the vehicles. When accessing the upper vehicles, the lower vehicles need to be driven out.





Equipment characteristics

⊙ suitable for various places to save space;

⊙ not affected by the climate and adapt to a wide range of regions;

⊙ with guiding mechanism, low noise and stable operation;

⊙ the center of gravity of the equipment is located inside the equipment, with good stability;

⊙ the equipment is easy to install and has beautiful and generous appearance.