Vertical lifting parking system with 3 types of Dayang parking co., ltd.
Updated :2023/03/02
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3 types of Vertical lifting parking system of Dayang parking co., ltd.

I Circular type vertical lifting parking system


Circular type vertical lifting parking system is based on comb changing technique.  It achieved the circular layout of vertical lifting parking system. Each floor can accommodate 6+12 cars. This system is of high space using rate and high working efficiency. And its special out looking will be a good scenery to the city.


II Cabinet type vertical lifting parking system


Cabinet type vertical lifting system is based on smart car carrier and comb changing technique. Each floor can accommodate 6-12 cars according to the situation. This type system can accommodate more cars by within less land space. It has stable carrying platform, advanced comb exchanging technique. It makes the action of turning and lifting goes at the same time.

III Full underground abinet type vertical lifting parking system


The garage can be divided into circular and rectangular layouts. Generally, it is built with 4-6 floors underground. Each floor can be equipped with 6-12 parking spaces, and the number of cars can be up to 6 times that of flat parking. Only one entry and exit room is arranged on the ground of the garage, which will not affect the lighting of the surrounding buildings. 

There are 5 floors of parking spaces underground, with 10 cars on each floor, and a total of 50 cars. The garage occupies an area of 18 meters long and 14 meters wide, with an area of only 250 square meters.