PXD II - New stacking parking system (6 floors)


Updated :2018/06/15
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  • Working principle

    The shape of this parking system is rectangle. The structure is divided into tunnel and parking area. Suspension type stacker is set in the tunnel. This type of stacker has the ability of lifting, sliding and turning. Parking area is set on the left and right side of the tunnel. The entrance is at the parking spaces on the ground floor and the number of the entrance could be one or more. The suspension type stacker is in charge of carrying and turning the cars when saving and retrieving.


    1) Less land occupation and high space using rate.

    2) Easy or installation and of low price and maintenance cost.

    3) Flexible layout: Entering and exiting from the front, double side layout;, entering and exiting from the front, single side layout; entering and exiting from the side, double side layout; entering and exiting from the side, single side layout.



    Car size(L×W×H)≤5.3m×1.9m×1.55m
    Car weight≤2000kg
    Motor power & speedLift15kw Frequency control Max: 30m/min
    Slide2.2kw Frequency control Max: 30m/min
    Vertical shift2.2kw Frequency control Max: 30m/min
    Turn2.2kw Frequency control 3.0rpm
    Operation modeIC card/ key board/ manual
    Access modeForward in, forward out
    Power supply3 phase 5 wires 380V 50Hz

Click here to download: New stacking parking system.pdf