PPY I - Traditional plane moving parking system (6 floors)


Updated :2018/06/15
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  • Working principle

    Lift the cars through the lifter which is at fixed position. Move the cars horizontally through the slider on each floor. Achieve the car's longitudinal movement by the carrier.

    Type of the carrier: Comb exchanging type and wheel gripping type.


    1) Safe, stable and with high automatic degree.

    2) High working efficiency and high space using rate.

    3) Wide scope of application. It is mainly used to aboveground or underground parking area with large number of car spaces.



    Car size(L×W×H)≤5.3m×1.9m×1.55m
    Car weight≤2350kg
    Motor power & speedLift15kw Max 60m/min
    Slide2.2kw Max 60m/min
    Turn2.2kw 3.0rpm
    Carry1.5kw 40m/min
    Operation modeIC card/ key board/ manual
    Access modeForward in, forward out
    Power supply3 phase 5 wires 380V 50Hz
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