Introduction of stereo garage of Sihong reading square in Suqian
Updated :2022/08/01
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Suqian Sihong reading square stereo garage is a 4-storey plane mobile intelligent stereo garage, with a total of 198 parking spaces.


Reading square is located in the old downtown area of Sihong County, covering an area of about 11000 square meters. The original square was built in 2001. With the continuous development of the city, the square is not harmonious with the surrounding environment, the green enclosure is high, the space utilization rate is low, and the green space service function is poor. In order to meet the needs of citizens for reading, rest and fitness, the reading square is built in accordance with the goal of "good landscape effect, high greening level, activity site and service function", so as to create an ecological, exquisite and fashionable urban landscape full of humanistic care. The three-dimensional intelligent garage of the reading square funded by China Design Group has become the biggest highlight of this transformation, providing a convenient and comfortable parking area for the original noisy Square Park, and creating a good environment for citizens' leisure, entertainment and parking!

Introduction of access vehicle


The owner stops the vehicle according to the guidance instructions and leaves the access room, at the same time, the system detects the vehicle weight, length, width and height, and scans the indoor life;


The carrier carries the vehicle to the trolley smoothly in the form of comb or pinch wheel; The trolley rises to the height of the parking floor with the elevator, and the trolley moves the vehicle to the target parking space and moves it to the designated position;

When picking up the car, swipe the card or mobile phone app to make an appointment, move the trolley to the front of the designated parking space, transport the car to the trolley and move it to the elevator position;


The elevator will lower the vehicle to the pick-up plane and transport the vehicle to the revolving platform at the entrance and exit. The revolving platform will automatically complete the turning action of the vehicle, the garage door will be opened and the pick-up action will be completed.

Product advantages

The product has a series of safety detection systems, such as stable lifting platform, super long and super high vehicles;

According to the characteristics of the site and parking demand, it can realize the above ground, underground or combination of above ground and underground layout;

There are two types of handling: comb type and clamping wheel type. Users can choose according to the site conditions;

The product also has many functions, such as mobile app reservation access, license plate recognition, timing and charging, empty parking display, intelligent parking guidance and automatic vehicle alignment.