Introduction of Plane moving parking system
Updated :2022/09/01
Class :News


1. New-style plane moving (15 floors)


Working principle

Adopting domestic advanced comb tooth exchange technology, this technology creates a new form of handling and exchange, filling many gaps in the stereo garage industry, and has won 26 national patents. It is an upgraded product of high-rise lifting and transversal garages. This type of product is more flexible in layout than traditional flat mobile devices, and can be designed in single or multiple rows, and has a higher space utilization rate.


⊙The comb exchange technology does not need to return the car board, and the first layer can realize the separation of people and vehicles, which is safe and reliable;

⊙ The turntable can realize 360° rotation, and it can rotate while traversing, saving access time;

⊙ The entrances and exits can be arranged at any angle, especially suitable for construction and use in places without traffic lanes;

⊙ Designed as above-ground garage, underground garage, and a combination of above-ground and underground and other types of garages.






2. Traditional plane moving (6 floors)


Working principle

The vertical movement of the car is realized by the elevator at a fixed position. On the same floor, the horizontal movement of the car is realized by the lateral movement of the trolley, and the longitudinal movement of the car is realized by the carrier to complete the access of the car. The carrier has two types: comb tooth type and pinch wheel type.


⊙Safe and reliable, high degree of automation, high space utilization rate;

⊙Wide range of application, mostly used in places with large parking capacity underground or above ground.