Dayang Parking -- Intelligent stereo garage of Haikou Huitong building
Updated :2023/09/01
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Project background



Huitong building is located at No. 26, guomao road, Haikou city. it sits at the core of the international trade business circle. it belongs to the core commercial and residential area and the central business area recognized by Haikou city. there are many office buildings around it, with prosperous commerce, developed finance, securities and insurance industry, and convenient transportation. The main building of Huitong building has a total of 22 floors and 2 underground floors. it will undergo overall renovation in 2015 and will be completed in 2016. The renovated and upgraded Huitong building is a hotel and office complex. only a 300 ㎡ site on the north side of the main building can park around the bustling business district, but the limited space is far from meeting the large number of parking demands in the core business district.


In the core commercial and residential area and the central commercial area, there is only a compact space of 300m2. how can we meet the parking demand?

After more than half a year of investigation and comparison, in the scheme from the whole country, ocean company finally chose a unique plane mobile product in the industry - intelligent new plane mobile stereo garage. The entrances and exits of this kind of products can be arranged in various ways such as front layout, side layout and arbitrary angle layout according to the site conditions.



Huitong building project adopts a layout combining front entrance and side entrance, which perfectly maximizes the vehicle in limited space. There are three operating units, two units in the north and the south, designed to enter and exit from the front. each area is equipped with 55 parking spaces on the 12th floor. the middle position of the north and the south units is equipped with a unit designed to enter and exit from the side. there are 151 parking spaces on the 12th floor and 48 parking spaces on the 12th floor. SUV can be parked on the 1st - 5th floor. it can meet the parking demand and also meet the diversification of parking demand.


Intelligent new type plane moving stereo garage



Characteristic outsourcing structure
Huitong building is a complex of hotels and office buildings. the equipment is made of etboard + genuine stone paint. the decoration effect is atmospheric, stable, simple and elegant. it is in harmony with the overall marble facade of the project.


Intelligent toll collection system
The garage is equipped with a fully automatic and intelligent charging system. office and hotel staff hold a monthly card and can complete the vehicle access operation by swiping the card.


The social vehicle will obtain a temporary card after parking. the temporary card has information such as the admission time of the vehicle and the garage area. parking fees can be paid through a two-dimensional code or a self-service payment machine. users can choose the payment method according to their needs, which is intelligent and efficient.


Limited space and unlimited parking. The completion of the intelligent three-dimensional garage of Haikou Huitong building has realized the parking of unlimited vehicles in limited space, greatly relieving the parking pressure in the core business circle area, and thus actively assisting the economic development and social stability in the area.