Warmly celebrate the success of the 9th Dayang parking marketing conference
Updated :2018/06/20
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In spring, everything recovers and all flowers contend for glory. Spring is the beginning of a year and also the place where dreams begin!


On March 5, 2018, the much-anticipated 9th ocean parking marketing conference opened in Weifang, Shandong, headquarters.


01 Meetings

Mr. Li xiangqi, chairman of the board of directors, made a work report on 2017, reviewing the past and looking forward to the future together with the guests attending the meeting. I hope everyone, Do not forget your initiative mind, will forge ahead, " seize the high ground for signing the contract, fight the contract and perform the contract", and create brilliant achievements again in 2018.

Mr. Li Tiantong, general manager, delivered a keynote speech entitled " thank you for your brilliant 20 years". looking back on the past with the guests present, he felt deep inside and resonated with the audience.

02 Visiting 

Although the cold wind blows, it cannot stop everyone from learning. Accompanied by chairman Li xiangqi and general manager Li Tiantong, everyone visited the factory prototype one after the other and praised the company's newly developed seven intelligent stereo garage products in 2017. they also had more firm confidence in the future development of ocean




03 Study

After the prototype was visited, chairman Li xiangqi personally gave new product training to the guests attending the meeting and elaborated on the characteristics and advantages of each product. Everyone worked hard to learn knowledge for 2018 market development.



04 Honor

No pains, no gains; This working conference is not only to summarize and learn, but also to honor outstanding representatives in 2017. Thank them for their hard work in 2017 and for their outstanding contribution to the ocean in 2017.


Address by Mr. Li xiangqi, chairman of the board of directors



05 Dinner

Tonight, the flowers are like brocade and the songs float in the sky.

Tonight, wine is not drunk, people are drunk.

Tonight, we wave goodbye to 2017

Tonight, we raise our glasses and drink together, looking forward to the glory of 2018.


Every meeting is the day of reunion of our oceanic people.

Every time I study, I want to make our ocean more brilliant tomorrow!

Qian Fan is competing for help from the east wind. it is precisely when it is sailing for a long distance.

Brand new 2018, here we are.

Ocean families, we will meet again next year ......

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